Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space With Eco-Friendly Solar Lights

Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space With Eco-Friendly Solar Lights

The cost of electricity has been progressively increasing in the past 10 years, with an average monthly bill of $137.11 across residential homes across the United States. With these rising costs, it is essential more than ever before, to use more and more products that run on renewable energy sources, such as the sun.

The problem with using solar outdoor lights is that they are typically more expensive than the traditional electric ones, nor are they as effective in quality. These concerns and challenges end with WSolar Lights, a line of solar lamps designed to fit any household budget while providing an aesthetically-pleasing outdoor lighting fixture with high-quality brightness and coverage. This article will review these masterfully crafted lights to showcase their unique features, helping everyone understand why these solar lights are a must-have for each home. 

WSolar Lights: The Cost-Effective, Higher-Quality Solution

WSolar Lights are unlike any other solar-powered lighting fixture on the market. These lights are designed with a strong passion for supporting energy conservation in the United States and supporting the health of the planet. Though these lights are made to be affordable and accessible to any household, their high quality and modern look make them a worthy addition to any outdoor space.

Currently, the brand offers customers the choice between three models of solar lights, which offer unmatched quality and distinct features that aren’t found anywhere else on the market.

Solar 1H

This model has 1 head that offers bright coverage that can be adjusted to a 200-degree angle. It is designed with clean, geometric lines that will adorn any space with a sleek, modern look.

Solar 3H

The Solar 3H offers light in 3 heads made with three high-powered LED lights that will transform any dark area into a well-lit and brightened area. The design of Solar 3H is made with durable materials formed in crisp lines along the perimeter of the three heads.

The most powerful of the three is the Solar 5h, which has 5 headlights that will make any yard, driveway, or other space seem like the brightest point on the block. This light offers brightness control, allowing the homeowner to adjust the brightness level according to their preference.

Key Features in All Models

WSolar Lights are truly unique solar motion sensor lights because they all have key features that meet all the requirements of a well-crafted lighting fixture. Each of these outdoor lights is made with the following product specs:

  • Widest 355° angle 3-Head Design
  • Tempered glass
  • Long-lasting battery 2 x 2200 MAH
  • Super-bright 216 X SMD 2835 LEd’s
  • 24-month warranty
  • Remote control & 3 Lighting Modes
  • 3-5 Mode Lights
  • Enhanced Smart PIR Motion sensor
  • High-quality PVC Plastic Material
  • IPX7 Waterproof & Tampered Glass Protected
  • Customer Support
  • Wire-Free and Easy to Install


With these key features, finding solar lights that can perform better than WSolar Lights is virtually impossible.

Brighten Your Property and Save the Planet!

WSolar Lights are very energy-efficient and eco-friendly. By choosing these specific lights, you also choose the well-being and health of our planet. They are excellent for patio and landscape lighting or brightening your yard. These solar products are much safer for the environment, as they do not release harmful emissions or rely on water sources to provide that much-needed lighting. WSolar Lights will help you reduce your carbon footprint and play a part in saving our planet for future generations.

Enhance Your Lighting Without Breaking the Bank!

WSolar Lights provide each homeowner the opportunity to upgrade their homes with far better lighting solutions without paying exorbitant prices to do so. The initial purchase costs are competitive and fair, allowing homeowners to get the most out of their purchase.

Since these lights operate on renewable solar energy, they will also help reduce monthly electricity bills, making them a worthwhile investment in the long run. They are also beautiful and will provide the most attractive lights for the outside. The security lighting they provide will also give you peace of mind knowing that your yard is well-lit even on dark nights.

Indeed, WSolar Lights are the “it” product of solar lighting solutions for outdoor spaces. Their sleek, modern design and top features make them the undeniable choice for homeowners today.

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